ProBux Scam

 or Not?

Is ProBux a Scam?

If you are visiting this website most probably is that you are looking for answer to know if ProBux is a Scam? So let's find out the truth:
ProBux is a PTC site that was officially launched on August 28, 2012, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment.
Many features make Probux a secure system, such as: registered company, ddos protection, dedicated and professional staff, stable business plan, excellent support, instant payments, forum, active admins, own script and unique design.
These are fundamental requirements for a PTC to succeed and will not become a scam.
But that alone is not enough, we need to investigate deeper into whether it is true or if we can trust the administrators.
After reviewing the site, and policies ProBux, made ​​a review based on what I analyzed the site, check below and see if ProBux is a Scam or Legit and draw your own conclusions.

Full Review (

ProBux administrators have done a great job involving new features almost every week since its official launch, this is a very important factor for any PTC, active administrators and innovating the system is very important and shows that everything is going very well, otherwise they should not invest time or money to improve the system.

There are several proofs of payment being sent to members instantly, and there is so far no complaint about payments not sent. This demonstrates that all are paying and have no faults or excuses for not paying members. Proof of payment can be viewed on ProBux forum: Payment Proofs. A PTC that is paying its members without any failures, can not be compared to a scam site.

Another very important factor is the money invested. In other words, the more someone invests money in a business, the more he will engage with it. Based on some analysis is easy to see that administrators have invested a lot of money, time and dedication to ProBux works perfectly. We realize that ProBux is not downtime/offline as other sites and neither has slow, it shows that its managers have invested a lot of money on dedicated servers and ddos protection so that your system can handle high traffic and follow the growth of the site.
Sites that are unreliable and probably a scam site, administrators will not invest much time and money into the system and this can be easily seen on sites SCAM. But as we have seen, ProBux shows the opposite.

For now these are some factors within many ProBux showing that it is not a scam site. Draw your own conclusions and enjoy to earn a stable income and profit with this site.

False rumors and speculations about ProBux

There is a website(probably linked to other competition sites such as neobux) that is making comparisons of ProBux completely meaningless, based on lies, with visible intention of trying to tarnish the image of an honest system, so try and reduce the potential of this great site.
However lies are not going away, the one site that tries to create false rumors and speculations, practically has no credibility, because your posts are basically childish and illogical with a vision futile and misleading.
ProBux admins already denied all false accusations, following the excellent response in which demonstrates great professionalism, see below:

ProBux admin's answers:

The internet is a place where you can find many different viewpoints, and this makes it an magnificent place and full of information. However, not all information found on web are true or reliable.

The site containing this information, is based exclusively in a personal opinion, although the information present are based on rumors and false speculations.

Regarding the arguments presented:

Script - GeN3 heavily modified script, based in only one page.
Incorrect information

We took months to complete the script that we are using. All lines of code and html were made entirely by our team.
ProBux would be impracticable and never be stable if a Gen3 script was running due to the large numbers of simultaneous access to the site.
We use class, cronjobs, cache, gzip compression, indexes directly to the database, optimizations, etc. Things that a basic script as the GEN3 does not have, and it is not capable to support a system of high traffic, causing the system remains slow most of the time.
You can go and look at the ProBux's source code for any line similar or equal to the script mentioned and you will not find.
Judging by the similarity of a page, it would be foolish and childish to make a comparative statement like this.
The PTC systems follows a pattern, as well as search engines, social networks, emails, etc.
As you can see, even these big search engines, social networks and email providers have similarities in their pages but that does not mean that their systems are all the same.
That would be an argument totally invalid and absurd. It would be like saying, BING is Google, Gmail is Hotmail and AMAZON is Ebay.
The page has presented similarity, indeed, is identical to the NeoBux. A system in which we have great respect.
It would be another abusive comparison saying that by having a similar page of NeoBux, we are part of the same group.

The country is the same as other PTC sites.
Incorrect information

This is a comparison that has no logic, and gets to be funny if you think about it.
The country in question has about 190 million people and has the 5th largest population in the world.
If someone from that country, making a website in the same business segment, must necessarily be part of the same group of people?
Honestly, this has no logic.
That would be like saying: So if someone open a social networking site in the United States, or it is part of Facebook or Twitter?

PayPal account and their creation date.
Incorrect information

Our company had to make an account especially for transactions - ProBux, this account was created to move large volumes of transactions and for that you need a business account.
Is there a difference between a personal account and a business account in payment processor in question, as to use resources such as IPN and API (responsible for processing transactions and send instantly payments), you should have a specific account for this purpose.
And so, our company had to create this account and not use a personal account.
Again, another invalid and meaningless argument.

Registered Company (most likely bogus)
Incorrect information

ProBux is an authentic company, and can be accessed through the Trustwave's site (company that makes authenticity checks and services SSL).
To get the seal of "IDENTITY" by TrustWave is necessary to provide corporate documents, and only after they are analyzed, the authentication is provided.
The seal of authentication can be confirmed directly by Trustwave's site:
Again, another false argument that has no any veracity.

Fixed fake ads
Incorrect information

We have affiliate relationships with other advertisers websites, among them directly:
The ads in which it makes reference(eToro, BinaryOptions, ect) are part of this affiliate network.
As you can see, all of our links make reference to our affiliate account.
Again, another invalid and meaningless argument.

We believe that every person has the right to have your opinion, and respect even if it is wrong.
If there remains any doubt, just check our hard work - Latest News and our credibility - Payment Proofs.
We'll continue demonstrating through our actions and not just words that we are here to do serious work, for this reason we have invested so much time and dedication to the system.

Source Link:

So, Is ProBux a Scam or Legit?

As you can see there is really nothing to sustain the claims that ProBux is a Scam.
Like in every business there will be those who will succeed and those who will not, and normally those that not succeed do not deal very well with it and end up putting the blame on others. In this case saying that ProBux is a Scam and blaming it for their failure.
Now that you know that ProBux is not a Scam why not click the banner you see under and join it and enjoy to get an extra income?

See the comments of other users below, and feel free to make your own comment on ProBux.

Wonder to see more ProBux review? ProBux Review

Update July 2013

ProBux now accepts Neteller one of the largest internet payment processors, only the best PTC sites use this service to pay their members. They currently works with 3 payment processors Payza, PayPal and Neteller. Official Post (Neteller has Arrived)

Sam2013-07-05 08:12:32

It is the best PTC which i received all my payment instantly.

Long life Probux.
Good luck to all members of ProBux also.

money1232013-07-05 02:59:37

It is the best PTC which i got paid instantly. It is better then neobux. LONG life Probux.

money1232013-07-05 02:54:42

It is the best PTC which i got paid instantly. It is better then neobux. LONG life Probux.

theshadow25482013-07-04 17:56:14

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Eldor2013-06-29 05:31:39

You will NEVER find a better PTC service than ProBux! It IS the best!

John Olten2013-06-09 08:46:30

Not sure if this site is fake but if my comment gets on it, it proves that it isn't xD

Well yeah I've just started but I hope I can make some $$$.

lazy2013-06-08 18:57:20

i think probux is way better than others. the rental referrals is active compare to neobux

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shahin3062013-05-30 03:23:24

I like Probux...Probux is real site.. This is Good site. Admin Is honest.

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sergianza2013-05-06 05:09:23

Not a scam! It really pays

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Ujjal Roy2013-04-21 04:23:01

Yes, i go with the majority that probux is not a scam and it is one of the genuine PTC sites of the world. I have been paid three times from it till now and it have achieve my faith so i have made an invest in this site to earn better profit. Hope I'll get big soon.

Ujjal Roy2013-04-21 04:21:50

Yes, i go with the majority that probux is not a scam and it is one of the genuine PTC sites of the world. I have been paid three times from it till now and it have achieve my faith so i have made an invest in this site to earn better profit. Hope I'll get big soon.

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SoloIcewind2013-01-12 07:43:20

I have recently posted this comment to another blog, so I would just copy it here:

"If it is allowed to refer to my own review, you can find it on my site. I just do not want to repeat what I said there. Why I post here: you should know that some reviews on the net are extremely biased against Probux.

One example is --- review. They compare Probux to Neobux. I am a member of Neobux as well actually, so I know what they offer, contrary to the author of the mentioned review. I tried to post there first, just to correct mistakes with no offence. They did not argue, simply moderated me out instead.

Do not trust such reviews. Probux is Neobux clone with slightly better conditions and therefore slightly higher risk, but they are not scam. I had some doubts about their rented refs - see my site - but now I have some and they do work quite well.

So I agree Probux is OK now - further details on my site if anyone interested. Thank you for attention."

All I can add - there are some really suspicious Neobux clones on the market, but Probux is NOT one of them.

Ed2013-01-11 04:07:08

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Great Info! thanks <3

idolquent2012-12-16 20:25:22

me alegra saber que probux no es una estafa aora ya alquile 6 referidos espero que sea cierto esto grasias.

ananda2012-12-16 01:51:10

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James warner2012-12-11 23:53:27

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Blender2012-11-19 20:10:07

ProBux seems to be a great site.
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imtiaz2012-11-14 10:24:34

probux good site

starter2012-11-02 15:45:12

My 6th payment on probux received instantly,
Great site, keep growing!

Joseh Vincent2012-11-01 13:12:10

I have always followed their reviews, but I'm sad to know that lately you judge more by speculation and false rumors of children who are very short time in this business, as ptcsecurity and others.
I have seen sites like BuxHost, ZeuScript that are administered by people with practically the lowest knowledge and especially teenagers, in which you have made ​​a positive review about them, and after 2 months disappeared and stole their members.
As users, we enter the world PTC to make a profit and earn a substantial extra income, we never should we crucify a site that has great potential and is giving profit to many users, even acting rumors, there is no concrete evidence.
Why not take a chance that the site has shown great potential, before you crucify him based on false accusations? Previously his reviews were solid and reliable, nowadays I see people in forums like EMS just mocking with their reviews.
Maybe we should do a fair review, and enjoy that ProBux here to add PTC in the world, and yes, today is demonstrating professionalism. We can not judge the future, but enjoy what we consider to be essential in this business, profit!
I hope to soon see you doing the excellent job you did for years.

PTCI2012-10-31 16:59:58

"There is a website(probably linked to other competition sites such as neobux) "

Nope, but try again! Talk about "False rumors and speculations" We are not linked to NeoBux or anything of the sort. You know OnBux was paying and everyone ignored the signs as well. It is quite funny how people put their heads in the sand and say silly things like the site is paying and providing excellent support. Enjoy this ponzi while it lasts. You were warned...

Rose Mari2012-10-19 06:51:12

My experience in probux in just one sentence: Net income was 65% in one month and a half.
Your referrals are active, unlike other PTC sites that just try to deceive your users and you still end up losing money.
I am very happy with probux, long life pro!

skinner2012-10-18 12:46:26

I am a user in probux, I needed help and they helped me and answered my ticket in less than 1 hour.
I loved the support site, showed great professionalism which pass me a lot of confidence, trust and reliable site.

islander922012-10-17 09:29:07

I had received my 3rd payment via paypal.
probux is not a scam, it's a legit ptc.

legend3r2012-10-15 13:02:18

great review, thank you for the information.
i really like probux, a system has proved fast, secure, stable and consistent.
i hope it continues for many years online.

Donald Jones2012-10-12 09:10:07

I really like the professionalism of administrators of probux.
This is one of my favorite ptc sites, and has the potential to be the future of this industry.
Probux site is not a scam, I received my second payment instantly yestersday.
This site proves stronger every day, and it is excellent.

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