ProBux Review

What is is a PTC site. PTC stands for Paid To Click, which are sites that advertise your website to improve traffic, get more members, more views and pay for users who click to view. I'm going to talk about the rates they pay later on this review.
About, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful design of their website. This is one of the things you have to look for when joining a PTC site. With a good design, you can tell if they invested on the site to run for a long time. If the site have a poor design, you may think they made the site just to run for a few months, collect money and disappear. There are many sites out there doing this. Be careful. The design is good, now the extras. You can see they have links to their facebook and twitter page. And those places are not empty. You can see all the news in twitter and likes and shares on facebook. Small sites don't even bother doing that.
Another extra is the Live Chat. You can count in one hand how many PTC sites have Live Chat for their users. This is another investment they did to show they are no joking here. First time I used Live Chat I briefly talked with someone I believe is not the owner. I also got an answer when I sent a ticket. So I believe there is a team just to be in Live Chat and answer tickets. My personal opinion about them so far is that they are going to be around for a long time. But let's talk about the technical review. Here I'm going to show the positive and negative about Note: This is a personal review. This are the points I see by using it. First thing I look for in a PTC site, is their Terms of Services. Reading it, you have an idea about how serious and planned is the site. At's TOS, you find a very complete list of things you can do, and things you can't do. And the list is long. Many sites have a small TOS, that don't explain much about the whole picture. By my experience, I don't trust sites with a small Terms Of Service. And I advise all users to always read the TOS before joining any PTC site. You can find a lot of useful information there, and after reading a few, you can tell the ones that are for real. One example of useful information is the TOS 6.3: "6.3 The minimum amount paid is $5.00. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use." I think the minimum amount paid is a little to high. but this separates the real clickers from the others. Maybe the consider to decrease this amount some day. After the TOS, I read the FAQs. And here I could find the rates per click and a explanation of the services they offer, such as referrals, autopay and a Earnings Calculator. Here are the rates per click: The earnings calculator provides you a estimate return value. "The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view." By the way, all payments are instant. About the Direct Referrals. "There are two types of referrals: · Direct Referrals: These users registered using your username as their referrer. · Rented Referrals: These users registered without a referrer. You can rent them." When I asked in Live Chat how can I get more Direct Referrals, I got this answer: "You can spread your banners in websites and social media to get Direct Referrals. When a direct referral clicks to earn money, you earn too. Here is the page with your banners: " At this page I see the banners with my referral link. I posted in facebook and other sites to start getting Direct Referrals. The Rented Referrals. We can rent referrals to click for us. There are the rates according on how many we want to rent: And there is a discount to renew them for 30, 60 90, 150 or 240 days. This are the discounts: Plus, you can recycle the inactive referrals. There is a fee of $0.07 for each referral recycled, but at least you get to clear all those users who registered just to see and are not clicking anymore. AutoPay. After recycling and having a good list of Rented Referrals, there is a option to keep'em always yours. This is what autopay does. Autopay extends the referral one more day, only if they are clicking. Is 15% cheaper then pay for another rented and it is charged from your rental balance. If you don't have funds in your rental, it will be charged from your main balance. So far I've talked about the TOS and FAQs and I have explained about everything we users have to know to start playing with this site. See how important is to read these information first? And this are all free information. =D Now, lets talk about their forum. Another source of information we should be aware. Their forum have their own rules, like every other forum. Long story short, you can post without offending other users, you can't make any kind of publicity, you can't ask for referrals and post illegal content. Racism, sexism or abusive comments are not tolerated also. In the forum, we can find the payment proofs. This is important. This is what show the other users that this is a paying site. In spite of having a $5.00 minimum payment, in my opinion this is the only negative point, they have already a lot of payment proofs. You want to see them for yourself here: They also have a specific place to post the news. This is where the owner communicates with the users. There is a place to request features too: After reading this two topics, I noticed one interesting thing. They developed the most of users requests. This shows us that the owner and the team are looking out in forum to read what people say about them, to improve their services. The users asked for a "Check All" box in the rentals page. They added within a week. The users also asked for a search tool in forum. They added too. They are looking for their members. This is very nice. So, you should be asking is: Is Probux a Scam?, as you can see, No. They also have a ranking "top5 users" regarding their posts in the last month, last week and last 24 hours. The members that help most the other users, get to see their names in the ranking. So, summarizing, the site have a beautiful design. The complete Terms Of Service gets to the point where, if you read it, you will have a technical idea on how the site works. A useful FAQs is there to solve most of the doubts. They provide banners to get Direct Referrals. The Rented Referrals have the possibility of recycling the bad ones and extending the good ones automatically. And the result of all this combined, can be heard in their really good forum. I hope this review was useful. Here goes My Referral Link, so you can join and profit with me: